Fall Lawn Care

Lawns respond best to feedings and treatments in the fall months.

When it comes to caring for your lawn, most people just think about the spring and summer months and begin to neglect their lawn as soon as the autumn leaves start to turn. It’s a common misconception that weeds are only a threat in spring and summer. In fact, the most efficient time to attack the weeds in your yard is during the fall months.

You can give your yard a great head start in terms of spring and summer lawn health with proper fall lawn care; this is because the majority of the most stubborn weeds start in the fall.

Fall Lawn Treatments

Fertilizer Application

Summer is tough on lawns. Our fall fertilizer application accomplishes to major things: it replenishes lost nutrients and it gets your yard ready for dormancy in the winter months. Before your lawn goes dormant, it is important to boost the nutrients that your lawn will store and use during its dormancy.
At All Turf, we focus on a balance of quality fertilizers and nutrient applications.

Fall Pre-Emergent Weed Application

The best time to attack the weeds in the yard is in the fall months. Applying a Fall Pre-Emergent weed application is the most effective time to treat the stubborn weeds in your yard. Pre and Post emergent weed applications are necessary year round– be sure not to ignore the treatment your yard needs in the fall.
We suggest having at least one fall lawn treatment applied sometime between August and November.

Additional Fall Lawn Care:

Year Round Lawn Care Program

All Turf’s year round lawn care programs are customized to your individual lawn. Depending on your lawn’s general lawn health, the soil content and the type of turf, we will customize a plan that best fits your lawn and budget. Applying treatments during key points throughout the year is the best way to ensure that your yard is gorgeous in those spring and summer months.

We are located in the Atlanta, Georgia area and can service most metro-Atlanta cities! Contact us to get started on your seasonal lawn care program or get a free estimate. Give your lawn the boost it needs this fall!

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